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Theme Example for Challenge For All Stars

Here's All there is to it....

For this example, let's use Challenge For All Stars PT 83

The Host was: TennLynn
(Reply by TennLynnGOLD on January 12, 2008 at 10:39 PM)

Notice the Quote Button at the end of her posted theme:
Quote Button

Click on the quote button there on the forum board and then you will see this at the very bottom of the page:

Quote Reply
Now click anywhere inside the Reply Box and then hold down your Ctrl key as you hit A one time to Highlight Everything INSIDE the Reply Box (Ctrl A)

Quote Reply Highlighted

Now open up a new document on your PC using Word Pad. Once you have opened up a new document.......
Hit Ctrl V on your key board to Paste the contents which you have already copied from the Reply Box.

Now you will see the RAW text (including all BBCode which was used in TennLynn's post.
You will now need to REMOVE the [quote=TennLynn] at the very beginning and also the [/quote] at the very end.

Now you can easily EDIT the text to your own theme and liking.

Using images is entirely up to you. To use images, you 1st need to know the URL path to the images you are wanting to use.
Then all you do is put the path in between these two BBCodes


The Result is:

Note any BBCode within the document. BBCode stands for Bulletin Board Code. 
1) Allowed BBCode tags: [b] [i] [url] [img] [color] [quote]

Once you have everything edited to your own theme and liking, (with or without images), save the Word Pad document onto your PC
I personally save mine as Challenge151.rtf or whatever the challenge number happens to be.

So when the time comes
You are now ready to Post Your Theme

(You'll have it all prepared & ready to go)
Simply open up your saved challenge theme in Word Pad
Highlight and Copy everything, and then paste it as a New Post after you have posted the 1st Initial Post

YOUR THEME doesn't have to be anything fancy
Using images on Your THEME post, is entirely UP TO YOU
When YOU are the HOST, YOU decide what songs will qualify for posting on YOUR Challenge
YOU decide Each and Every Specific RULE
YOU decide if you wish to include any MINI-Challenges
YOU decide if pre-records will be allowed, or if you want only FRESH recordings specifically sang for YOUR Challenge
(Some Hosts will allow pre-records, as long as they haven't been used in a previous challenge)
YOU might want to allow additional songs to qualify, by having them meet a certain criteria based upon your actual THEME
EXAMPLE: Let's say that YOUR THEME has something to do with the BEACH
If you say "or use any letter in the following word B-E-A-C-H"
This GENERALLY means that a song title must BEGIN with one of those Letters
It DOESN'T Generally mean that any word WITHIN the song title can begin with one of those letters
If YOU want it different than what is GENERAL, Please specify this, otherwise it might cause confusion in OTHER challenges
When Choosing Your Theme & Rules, Consider whether or not a decent number of songs will indeed qualify
(otherwise, it might be very difficult for folks to find songs for your challenge)
Please specify how many listens & comments are required for each song being posted
GENERALLY with most hosts, it is 3 listens & comments for each song being posted
but this is YOUR Challenge, so YOU decide
The important thing is being clear in the very beginning, that this is indeed a requirement for participation
(otherwise, you might have unsuccessful Challenges in the future)
Nobody wants to participate in a challenge if they do not receive comments

It might be good to Specify how many actual entries are allowed, either for bookmarking and/or just for fun
It might be good to request that everyone Specify their specific Challenge Entry song to ensure it gets Bookmarked
It might be good to specify whether or not there will be any awards and/or results at the conclusion of the challenge

AFTER posting your theme
Please go back to the Previous Challenge For All Stars and post a link to the New Challenge
Declare the Previous Challenge OFFICIALLY Closed
Otherwise, folks will continue posting songs in the previous challenge and they will not know that the Next Challenge has begun.


Challenge For All Stars 208 is now posted.

This Challenge is Officially Closed

Tips & Helpful Ideas

(suggestions on things you MIGHT wish to say when you post YOUR Challenge)

If it is not obvious how your entry song fits the THEME, please tell us when posting your song
When posting your recordings, please post the song title along with your link
(This Greatly helps Carol when she does the updating of the Challenge Entries for us)

Look at PAST Challenges For All Stars for some Great ideas & different rules that have been used by previous hosts
Pick & Choose whichever particular rules YOU feel most comfortable with for YOUR Challenge
Click Here to see a list of past challenges
Every Past Challenge has a Link to the Sing Snap Forum where it was Originally Posted
Click Here for an Example of How to Determine exactly what was posted for the Theme

HERE is a Message Board on SingSnap where you can TEST to SEE what YOUR Challenge will look like
I suggest after you are satisfied with the way it looks, Quickly EDIT it and DELETE EVERYTHING
Replace the Deleted text with >>>   Finished Testing :-)
Remember, SingSnap gives you a limited amount of time before you are UN-able to Edit Your Post

Here is a Universal Challenge that ANYONE can post, when nobody bothered to volunteer and post a NEW Theme.
Click Here


How do I create text with different colors when I post my challenge?
A: Use the following code before and after your text  [color=red]Creates Red Text[/color] OR
[color=blue]Creates Blue Text[/color]
Here is an Awesome Color Chart that you can use


Challenge For All Stars is not in competition with any other challenge on SingSnap. It is here because it is and will always remain....
Our First Love.

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